We’ve completed resources on two webpages, each focused on a podcast series themed “The Pilgrim’s Progress | Christian Life Issues.”

This first study series is an introduction to “The Pilgrim’s Progress” using chapters 1-5 of Cheryl Ford’s book. In this first series we also use “Christian Life Issues Volume 1”, a commentary on Ford’s book by Dr. Wayne Mack. The second series goes through “The Pilgrim’s Progress” chapters 6-17 using Dr. Wayne Mack’s “Christian Life Issues Volume 2” as a guide.

We will not read these books during the podcasts. With the storyline in mind we will go through the significant events and pull them out as allegories to learn by. Both series also include our speaker’s lesson notes converted from PowerPoint to PDF. Podcasts in these series are presented in chronological order, first to last.

The Pilgrim’s Progress Chapters 1-5 | Christian Life Issues Vol 1

The Pilgrim’s Progress Chapters 6-17 | Christian Life Issues Vol 2

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