Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey - (total 15)
Boon Lau | 9/3/2023
An Introduction and Overview of this series

Old Testament Survey
By Boon Lau

Preached on:
September 3, 2023 – December 17, 2023

Providence Church
2146 Buford Hwy
Buford Hwy, Duluth, GA 30097

This Old Testament Survey is not be a deep dive, but a high-level Old Testament overview.

Reading the Old Testament can be very enriching. The study is based on the chronological order, not the canonical. The Old Testament is like a jigsaw puzzle. It can be difficult to make sense of its pieces. We may know its stories, e.g., Daniel and lion’s den, Jonah and the big fish. But how do all these pieces fit into the big picture? This is what we’ll explain.

Many reading the Old Testament in its canonical order find its departure from chronological order makes it difficult to piece together and understand.

What might we get from this study?

  • A good grasp of the Old Testament Biblical timeline.
  • Knowledge of where each book fits on the Biblical timeline.
  • Knowledge of who wrote and the date of each book.
  • Knowledge of the main purpose/theme of each book.
  • Knowledge of the outline of each book.
  • Seeing God’s characters clearer.
  • Finding Jesus Christ in the Old Testament.
  • A renewed love for the Old Testament books.
Series Schedule
  1. Introduction – Beginnings – Genesis
  2. Birth of Israel – Exodus, Leviticus
  3. Numbers, Deuteronomy
  4. Job, Psalms
  5. Possessing the Land – Joshua, Judges, Ruth
  6. United Kingdom – Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles
  7. Song of Solomon, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes
  8. Divided Kingdom – Jonah, Isaiah, Amos
  9. Micah, Hosea, Jeremiah
  10. Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah
  11. Daniel, Ezekiel
  12. Exile – Lamentations, Obadiah, Joel
  13. Return & Diaspora – Haggai, Zechariah, Esther
  14. Ezra, Nehemiah, Malachi

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