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Serving in the Household of God

The Church is known as the household of God.  He is our Father. We are His children.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.   Each member of God’s family is loved by Him.  He gives each person gifts to be used in building each other up so that we become more like Jesus Christ.   The more effective each member is at using their gifts, the more healthy our church will be.

Service can be done in official and non-official ways. It happens in small interactions, or big projects.  In whatever way God has gifted you, may you use it with diligence and zeal!

Please, consider how you might serve the body at Providence Church. Click below for a full list of Ministries, Bible Studies, and Service Teams that you can can involved in.

Our Deacons

Deacons are men of irreproachable character whose primary function is to minister to the practical needs of the Church body (1 Timothy 3). 

At Providence Church, we have set aside several men to lead various service teams that facilitate the ministries of the church.  Some of them also lead Home Groups, teach Bibles Studies, and lead other ministries as well.  

If you would like to volunteer to serve in any of these areas, click on the link below. 

Bill Maier

Chairman of the Deacons

Audio/Visual Team

Matt Ziesmer

Kitchen Team

Providence Church Deacon Boon Lau

Boon Lau


Peter Pace


Karl Reilmann


Prison Ministry

David Hancock


Denver Clark

Welcome Team

Belmont Village Ministry

Providence Church Deacon Victor Tan

Victor Tan


Kim Pitts


Student Ministry Leader


Everything we have has been given to us by God, to be used for His glory, His Kingdom, and His will. 

This means that we are simply stewards what He has provided.  Our money is to be used to provide for the needs of our family, for the urgent needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and to support the ministry of the Gospel locally and around the world. The donations that you give to Providence Church are used at the discretion of the elders to support the Preaching of Gospel, the shepherding of the flock.  This includes staff salaries, administrative costs, building maintenance, books and resources, missions, and anything else that supports our mission. 


Disciples are learners.  A disciple of Christ is someone who has decided to learn His truth and imitate His way of life.  

Besides the regular Sunday Sermon, we offer periodic classes on subjects ranging from Marriage, Parent and Financial Stewardship to Biblical Counseling, Theology and even NT Greek.  Our desire in all of these classes is to be learners of Christ. 

Click below to sign up for a class. 

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