The Discipline of Grace

The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges book cover

The Discipline of Grace

by Jerry Bridges

ISBN-10: 1576839893

ISBN-13: 9781576839898

The Discipline of Grace, written by Bridges in 1994, presents one of the most helpful portraits of progressive sanctification in modern Christian literature. In it the author provides clear and practical guidance for how on a daily basis Christians are to seek to grow in holiness.

That growth comes only through rigorous spiritual discipline; there is no other path.

We must “discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7). Bridges calls us to train as an athlete for the prize of holiness, but at the same time he demonstrates that the foundation for the entire process is God′s marvelous grace. If a believer is to make progress in the Christian life he must, at every point, be assured that he stands in grace. He must know that God accepts him perfectly and loves him unconditionally whether he performs well or not. It is the knowledge that in Christ we are already “accepted in the Beloved” that frees us from the snare of legalism.

We obey God not to be accepted, but because we are accepted. Understanding that the miracle of God′s love has become ours through the saving work of Christ, then motivates us to a passionate pursuit of holiness. This means we ought to, as Bridges says, “preach the gospel to ourselves every day;” every Christian needs to be continually reminded of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. This excellent book has been a great blessing to me and to many others in our church.

Review by:

Pastor Ty Blackburn