Discipling The Flock

Discipling the Flock Paul Tautges book cover

Discipling The Flock

by Paul Tautges

ISBN-10: 1633421422

ISBN-13: 9781633421424

In Discipling The Flock, Paul Tautges writes an urgent call for church Elders to disciple God’s people faithfully.

The very first line of the first chapter reads, “One of the surest signs of the blessing of God upon His people is the gift of spiritual shepherds who intentionally disciple and faithfully care for His flock.”   What a true statement that is!  Tautges goes on from there to describe how Elders are to do this.  It starts with constant attention to the Word of God.  “When God’s shepherds neglect His Word, the flock always suffers.”  So we have to know and use the Scriptures in ministering to our people. That is how we feed the sheep.  But we also have to know our people in order to properly care for them and Tautges gives very helpful direction on how to do that.

This is one of the best books on the role of the elder that I have ever read. It is motivating, inspiring, and convicting.  I enthusiastically recommend it!


Review by:

Associate Pastor Jess Arnds