Biblical Counseling

Providence Church Duluth

Counseling Training

Wednesday Nights @ 6:45pm

God’s Word is Sufficient

We all need sound counsel from a good person that knows what he is talking about.   Only one person fits that description – God.   He is the only righteous one who knows all things and whose counsel can be fully trusted.   He has provided us with his righteous standard, and he has given us enough of his knowledge to wisely navigate a sin-cursed world.

Everyone is a Counselor

Whether you know it or not, what you say and do has an influence on other people.  It might be good or bad, but you are always communicating something about what you believe, desire, and value — and these influence others.  Are you a biblical influence?  Is your advice biblical?  Are your actions biblical? Are your values biblical? Or do yo influence others toward unbiblical ways of thinking?

God Calls us to Care for People

True Christianity is marked by sacrificial love for others to the glory of God.  He has provided His Word with the wisdom that we need to care for others in a way that glorifies Him.  It is our desire to speak the truth in love so that people will be saved through the gospel and believers will grow in to Christ’s likeness.  We need to be ready to care for the deepest and most sensitive needs of anyone who walks through our doors. 

We Are Training Biblical Counselors

It is based on these convictions that we are training our people to use God’s sufficient Word to help others grow in Christ-likeness.  We are making a concerted effort to equip our congregation with the knowledge, discernment, and skills necessary to give biblical counsel to those that need it.

There are three main areas that this training is meant to help us with.

1. Discipleship.
This is the ongoing activity of the Church.  We want to make sure that everyone knows what the Bible says about the various issues of life so that we will all be prepared to face life’s challenges in a godly way.

2. Informal Counseling.
Informal counseling takes place whenever someone has a problem are in need of advice.  This is just two friends talking about life.  We aim to equip our people with discernment from the Scriptures that will help them give biblical advice to their friends, family, and neighbors.

3. Formal Counseling.
Sometimes people face problems that are extremely difficult to overcome or that require much more focused help.  These scenarios often require formal counseling to make sure that the necessary aid is given.  Not everyone can or should be involved in this type of counseling. But some are able and willing to answer the call.  We want to equip our people so that they will have the skill and confidence to get involved in these situations.

The Format of Our Training:

Every Wednesday Night, we meet to do Biblical Counseling Training.  We are currently using resources from for our classroom content.  We watch lectures on various topics and then break into discussion groups afterward. For those who are seeking ACBC Certification, we also provide a workshop to help them get through the ACBC Exams. 

ACBC Certification

One of our goals in this training is to get as many people as possible certified with ACBC (The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors).  Certification takes place in three phases.  Our training at Providence is designed to help people through the process.  See below for an explanation of how.

ACBC Phase 1 - Learning
ACBC Requirements:
  1. Basic Training Course (30+ Hours)
  2. Observation of an ACBC Certified Counselor (10 Hours)
  3. Reading (1000 Pages from the Approved Reading List)

How Providence Church helps you get certified:

ACBC Phase 2 - Exams and Application


  • Part 1 – Theological Exam (20 Essay Questions)
  • Part 2 – Counseling Exam (20 Essay Questions)

Application to ACBC

How we help you get certified
  • Periodically, we have an ACBC Exam Class to walk you through the exam. Click the link for more information.
ACBC Phase 3 - Supervision
How we help you get certified
  • Once you have passed the ACBC Exams, you will be put on a list of counselors to be assigned cases.  We will try to also have one of our Lead Counselors sit in with you to give you added support.